[Town Hall] Town Hall. Built in 1821 in the classicistic style, designed by a Warsaw architect Hilary Szpilkowski. Po On both sides of te entrance there are two commemorating plates dedicated to: The People who fought for the Independance of the country in years 1939-1945. The 15th anniversary of the air combat fought by the 1st Regiment of Fighters "Warszawa" on 23th August 1944, Three-hundredth anniversary of the victorious battle over The Swedish army 1656 - 1956, Two-hundredth anniversary of Kosciuszkowski Insurection 1794 - 1994. At present the seat of town authorities.
[Mound] The Mound on the common. With iron cross on its top. The mound was heaped up by inhabitants of Warka. Here the insurgents: W. Kononowicz and his two camrades in arms were executed in 1863. Their ashes were probably burried here.
[Church] Church and Post-franciscan Cloister. Built between 1652 - 1746, at first these were wooden buildings erected for franciscans, who brought to Warka by Katarzyna Boglewska, the owner of nearby estates. The interior decoration is worth noticing: the main altar XVIII with an earlier picture of Madonna with the Infant Jesus, three baroque confessional, Rococo lectern, epitaphic plates.
[Museum] Pulaski's mansion in Winiary. Built in 1689 designed by an architect Augustyn Locci. Here Casimir Pulaski the hero of two continents: Europe and Americawas was brought up and educated. Nowadays in the mansion K. Pulaski's historical and biographical museum is situated. The palace is surrounded by the beautiful park from XVIIIth century spreading over the river bank.
[Monument] Monument to Polish Aviators of the Second World War. Commemorating the air battle fought by Polish pilots against German Luftvaffe on 23rd August 1944. In the middle distance the Centre of Culture Sport and Recreation built in years 1984 and 1991.
[Museum] Middle-class minor-house. Built in the first half of the XIXth century. A brick house in classicistic style, over-hauled in 1986. Nowadays it serves as the abode of the Museum of Warka.

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Photographs taken on 14th May 1998.